Client Testimonials

Taryn & Steve

We used Michelle of KaLy & Co. Events for Day Of Coordination for our Wedding on January 28.. I can't emphasize enough the importance of a coordinator, she saved our lives that day! It doesn't matter how well your wedding is planned, you will ALWAYS run into minor hiccups. Having Michelle there took the stress off of us all day, she was absolutely incredible from start to finish. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Michelle!!!

A lana & Matt

On your wedding day, everyone tells you to relax and enjoy the day, then they all add in "something will go wrong, but it's ok no one will notice". On this day, not one thing went wrong. 
Hiring Michelle was the best decision made throughout this process! She was super professional, but felt like a great friend. She was on top of everything, nothing got left out because of her attention to detail. She went above and beyond to ensure EVERY single person there was enjoying themselves. I would hire Michelle 100x over to plan any events I have in the future. This was quite honestly the best day of my life! Thank you for everything Michelle!

L   esley-Anne & Ian

My now-husband and I first saw Michelle in action at his cousin’s wedding, about 8 months before our own. He hadn’t been sure about hiring a planner or day-of coordinator, but once he saw Michelle running the day like the professional she is, he turned to me and said “We need her!” And let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions we made, and I didn’t even realize just how thankful we’d be to have Michelle until our wedding day. All the logistical stuff you don’t have time to think about as a bride or groom on your wedding day – Michelle took care of it all. When I forgot to pay two vendors? She took care of it. When our photos ran a bit long? Took care of it. When I got bright yellow pollen on my dress from my bouquet? Michelle was there, and took care of it right away. She was onsite all morning supervising our décor team to make sure it was everything we wanted, she kept us on schedule, helped make sure we ate and drank, and without her at our rehearsal, I don’t know WHAT we would have done. Let me tell you in no uncertain terms that you need someone handling all those details on your day (so you don’t have to!) – and there’s no better person for it than Michelle. She was absolutely integral to our day, and I have zero doubt in my mind that had we not hired her, our wedding day would have been infinitely more stressful and much less enjoyable. Everyone commented on how relaxed I was as the bride, and the reason why was because I knew Michelle had it all covered. Michelle helped us enjoy our day and relax, knowing she had our backs, and for that we are eternally grateful.

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  C  olleen & Andrew

I have known Michelle now for a little over 10 years and I wouldn’t have anyone else take on such a large and responsible role in our big day! Michelle is one hell of a wedding planner- She is a very excellent listener to make sure she understand every detail on your vision, very professional with addressing issues with all the vendors and making sure your dream vision will come true if it means she needs to research different coloured knives and forks just to make you happy. Michelle worked her magic on our big day, (in July in the exhausting heat) and never stopped till everything was in the right place. I felt 100% comfortable and stress free throughout the day leaving everything in her hands. If something went wrong, I never heard about it until the next day- and I wouldn’t have even noticed- our day went off with out any hitches. I would 100% recommend Michelle to anyone wanting a stress free wedding day and experience! Michelle did an amazing job with making our dream wedding come true! I am forever grateful!

L   auren & Michael

I can not put into words how amazing Michelle and her assistant are. They were so professional and attentive. All I had to do was ask for something and they would do it or have the answers right away. I would like everyone to know that because of Michelle my day went off without any hitch. Everything was perfect and it’s all because of their hard work. I know this was the best decision of my wedding was hiring Michelle and her team! I would highly recommend to any bride!!!!!!!

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D  anielle & Steve

We hired Michelle for our day of coordination and I honestly don't know what we would have done without her. She was incredibly flexible in the planning process and made our day run so smoothly. She was very detail oriented and everything we needed her to do, it was taken care of! Would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

K  ailee & Kyle

Couldn’t of done it without Michelle!

We hired Michelle as our month of coordinator for our January wedding. She was an absolute asset to our wedding day.
From organizing the itinerary, to keeping touch with all the venders, and guiding everyone through the rehearsal.
On the day of Michelle took care of everything, making sure our day was absolutely perfect. When hiccups occurred she was on top of it, keeping all stresses off the bride, groom and their parents.
I would highly recommended Michelle
Again thank you so much for everything!

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amber & kenny 1.jpg
A  mber & Kenny

We were so pleased with KaLy and Co.'s day-of service for our wedding day. Beyond the professional, efficient and personalized assistance day-of, we also had Michelle's support and experience working through a few important decisions and choices prior to our big day. Michelle understands the industry (and is well-connected with vendors!) and also understands the importance of making the day run just as the bride and groom (and their family's, in our case) hope that it will. Our expectations with Michelle's service were met and exceeded! Michelle was a calm presence in making all of our wishes reality, and also did a stellar job making some last-minute decisions day-of so that we were not impacted by the details. We put our trust in Michelle and had an entirely stress-free day (including set-up and clean-up and tying up loose ends the next day) with her company's service. I would recommend KaLy and Co. to other bride's who are looking for a professional service that takes pride in the special details and is also attentive to the needs of those hosting their special day.

C  arly & Corey

Michelle was an awesome asset to have on our team when things got overwhelming. She helped guide us through every step of the planning from meeting with the venue (knowing the right questions to ask with our vision in mind) to decorating our ceremony AND dinner venue to literally guiding our wedding party down the aisle.

This girl knows her stuff and I would have been lost without her.

Thank you for everything Michelle. You are a rockstar and we were so lucky to have you.

Carly + Corey Wedding-322_websize.jpg
S  amantha & Cameron

When planning my wedding and choosing the venue I did, I knew a day-of coordinator was going to be needed. After searching, I found Kaly & Co and began working with Alisha towards the day-of and she was nothing short of remarkable. Her responses to emails were timely and poignant, she was professional day-of, and truly enacted our vision better than we could have expected. When she collected ALL the items we had to make our venue really 'ours', we offered to assist her with packing and organizing and she took care of it all. I never felt stressed or overwhelmed as I knew she could be trusted and was able to bring our vision to life.

Once again, thank you, Alisha, you did an incredible job and if I could recommend you hundreds of times, I would! Brides - even if you're not going with a full plan, hire a day-of coordinator, as things come up, stressors happen, but all was taken care of with Kaly & Co.

R  asna & Michael

Michelle and Alisha, you ladies are amazing. You give 'going above and beyond' new meaning. You kept me calm, handled the unexpected with grace and were an absolute pleasure to work with. You gave us our dream wedding and we are so grateful.

Our wedding which was on March 30, 2019 and was not an easy task to take on. I am Sikh and my husband is Caucasian. We had a Sikh ceremony at a Gurudwara early in the morning. In the evening we had a western reception at Liberty Grand. Through the day it hailed, rained and then snowed.

Michelle and Alisha had never done a Sikh wedding, much less an Indian wedding. The learning curve was steep, and to say they rose to the occasion is an understatement. Many curve balls were thrown their way and they handled them! Have you ever heard of an Indian wedding being on time? Well ours was, all to the credit of Michelle and Alisha.

My family was shocked they had never done an Indian wedding before.

It was more than a 14 hour day for these ladies, I cannot imagine how tired they were by the end, but my goodness they did not show it.

If you are looking for a team that will will go above and beyond, handle everything on the day allowing you to just enjoy your day, I highly recommend KayLy & Co.

M  elissa & Curtis

I was referred to Michelle by a friend of mine who raved about her work at her 2017 wedding; we arranged an in person meeting a year prior to our wedding and immediately after meeting her, I knew we needed Michelle for our big day. I can honestly say this was one of the best decisions we made and I am so grateful for all of her hard work. The day went off without a hitch and I attribute this almost entirely to her keen attention to detail and high level of organization.

She was at the venue as soon as we had access to set up our decor and oversee deliveries from our other vendors (florals, furniture rental). The vendor we hired to make our wedding cake lost our order and forgot to make the cake; before I could even notice it was missing, Michelle had already had the cake replaced AND had the vendor issue me a refund. She kept us on schedule throughout the entire day, ensured that we ate throughout the cocktail hour and reception and that all of our vendors were paid on time.

I am a very anxious person and in the days leading up to the wedding, Michelle was extremely calm and reassuring, offering to help wherever she could. I was able to relax and really enjoy our day thanks to her and I would recommend her a hundred times over.

Industry Professional Testimonials

Ankur Pal

As a wedding industry professional for 20 years as a DJ, photographer and cinematographer, I've had the opportunity to see many weddings and work with many different vendors. Particularly, I've seen numerous "wedding planners"...the bossy, borderline rude planners that seem to get everything done (and piss everyone else off in the process) and I've also seen the one's who do very little (and other vendors have to pick up the slack to keep things on schedule). Then after 20 years of being in this industry, I met Michelle and her assistant Alisha at a wedding I did this past weekend. First thing she did was shake my hand and smile for an introduction. As I set up my photography gear for an exciting day ahead, I could listen to, and see Michelle and Alisha going through a checklist and making sure everything was planned perfectly. Throughout the night, they not only took care of the bride and groom, they took care of the guests ensuring their satisfaction and what meant a lot to me, was they also made sure I as another vendor was taken care of as well. Couples always wonder, "Do I really need a planner? Why don't I plan it myself?". Truth be told, you want Kaly & Co Events to help you plan your wedding - it'll be that much more stress free and you, your guests and even your other vendors will love the treatment they receive! I highly recommend them!